me·lis·sa (n); nineteen year old student in LA.
film and TV enthusiast, avid blogger, amateur theme maker, aspiring screenwriter, mediocre fangirl, English major with creative writing option, part-time college student, full-time asshole.

If the stars shined as bright as you,
There would be no need for the sun.
There would be no fear of the darkness,
There would be no fear of the unknown,
But only the one fear of losing you,
For no star lasts forever.

- MM; yours truly

noxvita theme: #08 - i’ll be your husband.
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  • sidebar picture: 190x550px.
  • 3/4 custom links featured under the 03. tab.
  • 01. tab = home link, 02. tab = description, 03. = nav links.
  • keep theme simple and monochromatic & titles short.

noxvita page: about me #01.
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  • image width: 100x100px
  • 4 extra links for whatever you’d like.
  • 3 sections to write in about yourself & likes.

like or reblog if use, message me for any questions or concerns.

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